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Say what?


All you need is the Ethereum address of the loser. You sent them one or more Loser tokens and eternal shame will be theirs. They can send the token around but the blockchain will always remember your message.

Eternal shame for them no ?

Get creative

  • Send 69 tokens to a pervert
  • Flag a nazi by sending 18 or 88 tokens
  • 666 tokens for an extreme case

Put a face on your rage ! Twitter a picture of yourself with your message to the Loser hashtag #losertoken or Steemit ‘losertoken’ tag


  • March 5st  : Go live
  • March 5th : start airdrop
  • March 31st : Start of the Loser of the month shout-out. Monthly updates !
  • July 1st : Start of LosterToken online merchandising store. Make your message even stronger !
  • September 1st : Target date first exchanges


Only 2 million LoserTokens are created and this is a hard cap. This should be enough to cover most losers. There are 18 decimals for borderline cases.

I will send the tokens manually as my skills are limited in Ethereum smart contracts. I’m a Loser baby,  that should be clear by now.

Get your LoserToken by sending eth to the following address:


LoserTokens left

Contributors of at least 1 Ether can claim their free personalized LoserToken T-shirt. Distribution starting from July 1st (opening online shop)


Since we believe the Loser community is very important we will airdrop 10% of the total Market cap, meaning 200k Loser Tokens.

Some simple rules :

  • Write a meaningful post about about Loser Token on any social media or Forum. We know you are losers but just give your opinion in a few words. Please don’t spam anybody.
  • Send a link to the post to our email : together with your ethereum address.
  • First 1000 will receive 200 tokens. We will continue until all are distributed
  • Please use them ! You don’t want to be a loser, do you?

  • Airdrop will end 31st March.

Some guidelines : please use #losertoken for Twitter and ‘losertoken’ for Steemit. Maybe there are other platforms we don’t know of because we are getting old but you get the idea ?


Top 3

1. Me : Biggest Loser of them all without any discussion. No change anytime soon…

2. EOS crowdsale : Dan Larimer’s latest project. Project experienced big downwards pressure after China ban in summer 2017 but went through the roof late 2017

3. Experty Hacker : Anoymous hacker that managed to hack the Experty ICO database tricking people to send 100+ Ether to his address

Biggest loser share
me 99%


Imagine you think Dan Larimer, creator of Bitshares, Steem & EOS is a loser for some reason. But how to tell him ?

That must hurt no ? Without a warning straight to the heart !

Disclaimer : Dan if you ever read this : I’m your biggest fan ! I’m such a loser I just wanted your attention. Send me a mail ☺

White paper

What did you even expect finding here ? Concept is clear, no? Loser!


Contract address: 0x687CD8745fd93b744723Bdc5621f67fE380AB27D (don’t send eth here)
Symbol: LOSER
Decimals: 18
Name: LoserToken

Hard cap: 2.000.000